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The John L. Nelson Project

Musician. Composer. Bandleader.

John L. Nelson is perhaps best known as Prince’s father, yet he was a Jazz performer and most importantly, a prolific composer in his own right. For many years he intended to collaborate on this release with his eldest daughter, Sharon L. Nelson.


After the passing of her father, and then the untimely passing of her brother, Sharon decided to complete the recording at

Paisley Park in honor of her father’s 100th birthday.

When Prince was asked about his father during an interview, he was quoted as saying, “Our personalities are a lot alike, but his music is like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  It’s more complex.  A lot of beautiful melodies are hidden beneath the complexity.”  


"His music. . .one day I hope you’ ll get to hear it. It’s just—it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard."                                                                                                                                                                   ~ PRINCE

March 2nd marked the 2 year Anniversary of the release of this monumental piece of Jazz history! Thanks 2 All The FAMS who have supported and continue to support this project. 

Don’t Play With Love,  The John L. Nelson Project, the highly anticipated recording of John L. Nelson’s compositions is now available in CD format, Digital Download, and Streaming. 

View a sneak peek of the project

The recording features top-notch jazz veterans and notable contemporary players, whose stellar execution will inspire renewed appreciation for the bebop genre and shed new light on the creative originality of Nelson, who performed in the ‘40s and ‘50s under the stage name of Prince Rogers. The John L. Nelson Project band features veteran drummer Louis Hayes, pianist Rick Germanson, bassist Dezron Douglas, saxophonist Vincent Herring, and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt.

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Heart of Mine - John L. Nelson
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John L. Nelson, Sharon & Prince NYC


Sharon L. Nelson discusses the release of Don't Play With Love, The John L. Nelson Project on Funkatopia Radio.

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