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John L. Nelson

John L. Nelson at Helmsley Palace Hotel Piano

Sharon & Norrine with Band members

Sharon & Norrine with the Band members

John L Nelson Fabulous Prince Rogers

Photo of John L. Nelson that resides in Studio B

Sharon with Band members

Sharon and Band members in Studio B Rick Germanson, Jeremy Pelt, Vincent Herring, Gerald Hayes, Sharon Nelson, Louis Hayes, Dezron Douglas

Sharon & Norrine in Control Room

Sharon L. Nelson, and Sister Norrine Nelson at the board in Studio B

Try, Sharon, Charles

Try Bishop Engineer, Producer, Sharon L. Nelson, Co-Producer, Charles F. Spicer

Sharon Nelson Louis Hayes

Legendary drummer Louis Hayes is actually Sharon and Prince's cousin

Charles, Sharon, Londell

The Producers Co-Producer, Charles F. Spicer Jr., Producer, Sharon L. Nelson, Executive Producer, L. Londell McMillan

John L. Nelson's Don't Play With Luv

A copy of John's handwritten composition

Norrine John Jr. Sharon

Norrine, John Jr., Sharon Nelson

Sharon & Norrine holding picture

Norrine & Sharon proudly holding John L. Nelsons picture

John L. Nelson Promotional Photo

A personal photo from Sharon's collection of her father

Charles Spicer Louis Hayes

Co-Producer, Charles F. Spicer Jr. and Louis Hayes.

Sharon & Norrine in Paisley Park

Sharon & Norrine in the Paisley Park Atrium prior to interview

Heart of Mine - John L. Nelson
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